17 May 2010

work in progress

anybody who tells you they're all neat and organized while working on an art project is either lying, delusional, or not really an artist. just kidding. that probably just goes for those of us artists with ADHD. anyway, this is real life. this is how my desk looks when i'm working on a project. when i'm on a roll with something, i don't like to be interrupted for anything. that's why i like all my stuff in piles around me. i don't want to have to get up and go to the nice, organized shelf to find it, because chances are something else will attract my attention like*snap*that, and my train of thought will be completely broken. so my workspace usually looks something like this. in fact, it looks a little worse than this right now since i just finished cutting out a bunch of stuff from magazines. heh...

1 comment:

  1. a very beautiful mess! and ha, im have a hard enough time being organized with my craft stuff when im NOT working on anything, let alone when i am working on a project!
    love this new art blog- cant wait to see all tha magic that unfolds here!!