07 October 2010

old soul

this magazine ad print was the inspiration for this page. i love everything vintage and rustic. and again, i *really* love doodling & writing on magazine print. lol


this page sat untouched for *months*. i'm not even exaggerating. i had the color wheel glued on and the word "choices" painted in. i wasn't sure what i was going to journal about. then i got my ghostwriting job, and i didn' thave *time* to journal about anything. quitting that job became the source of my journaling for this page.
materials: photo paper (for printing out color wheel), pen, old book page, acrylic paint

summer goals

assignment: do some color blocking with acrylic paints. write out your summer goals.
i'm not all that happy with this page. i'll probably go back to it and do some more doodles/darken up some of the writing.

moving forward.

i wish i could remember exactly what i was writing about here. i probably made it vague on purpose. haha. the prompt was "moving forward." i love ripping out magazine pages and doodling/writing on them.


another therapeutic page that i did after our mimi passed away.
materials: printed papers, vintage playing card, washi tape, pen, old book pages

today i feel...

assignment:  today i feel...
this was a bad day, obviously. it was right after our mimi passed away. we were both so sad and stressed out. i found art journaling to be a very good outlet during this time. the magazine print behind it felt appropriate because of the jumble of a billion things. it's how i felt right then. like everything had come crashing down into a giant mess.
materials: page from anthropologie catalog, graph paper, printed paper, pen, washi tape


assignment: hand stitch fabric and a photo onto your page.
materials: vintage fabric, embroidery thread, needle, ledger paper, pen
this took a while, but it was fun. :)  i love the hand-stitched look.