07 October 2010

mail call!

i ordered a few really neat-o things last week, and i was so excited to discover that my friendly neighborhood postman(woman?) delivered them today! :D  the first one is from gadanke.com. there are so many cute, handmade & ready-to-go journals there! here's the one i bought:

isn't it so much fun?! i can't wait to start filling it in with thoughts and doodles and bits and pieces. you should head over to gadanke and check out the other fun journals and stuff.

the second package contained some fun stuff i ordered some fun stuff from red velvet art! i got these cute little instant photo stickers (tiny scanned polaroids that have been turned to stickers! how fun!) and a pack of vintage paper scraps. i cannot get enough vintage paper scraps. <3  those lovely rva ladies included these cute little doodle cutouts as well. this is one of my favorite sites, put together and run by some of my favorite bloggers.

check back soon to see what i end up doing with this fun stuff! i'm going to be posting a few more pages from my summer "tell your story" art journal, which i haven't had time to work on in a while due to that job i had... but i'm back at it now & feeling very inspired. especially now that i have new fun things to play with!

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