25 May 2010

small steps

the prompt: what are the small steps you are or will soon be taking in your life?
the assignment: mixing patterns
i found this really cool washi tape that looks like a measuring tape. when i put it over the mixed patterns, it felt like i was getting ready to do a sewing project! that's why i added the embroidered flower and the buttons inside the little frame. i decided to make my "small steps" be about my journey to a healthier me. a few months ago, the realization hit me that i was not taking very good care of myself when i had to go to the hospital for dehydration. i wasn't eating regularly, i wasn't drinking enough water, and i wasn't getting enough exercise. the eating thing is still a bit of a challenge. i sort of forget to eat in the middle of the day when i'm really into whatever i'm doing. then i'm really hungry at night, which is the worst time to stuff your face! haha. *and* i've finally gotten to the point where having my blood drawn isn't such a hugely daunting task. i had to have it done again yesterday (and probably yet again in six weeks), and i didn't even feel queasy. i didn't even *flinch*! i also wasn't taking care of myself mentally by actively working on my mood/anxiety problems. i've found that art journaling, as opposed to regular journaling, is an amazing way to help with these. i feel best when i'm creating.
anyway, these are my small steps toward a healthier me.

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