25 May 2010

pretty soon...

the prompt: what's going to be happening in your life soon? it can be days, weeks, months, years from now. what are you looking forward to?
the assignment: use plastic bags & embroidery thread to make little flower shapes. decorate with those and masking/washi tape.
i didn't have any plastic bags that i deemed cute enough to become flowers. so i used fabric scraps. i like them. :)  and i only had plain white artist's tape, so i painted the tape pink. it was really sparse, so i added the doodle at the bottom to sort of represent the rays of the sun peeking out from behind the clouds, which, for me, represents anticipation. of course, i couldn't leave them the way they were. i had to doodle all over the clouds/rays. lol  this page still doesn't really seem complete to me, but we'll see if i ever go back & do anything else to it. maybe i need to learn to leave things alone & not do collage! collage! overkill! on every page. lol

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